The Weekly Birdbath March 19th - 26th

March 19th-25th


supernova1992 is blinding us with awesome creations, including one of my all time favorites, Chrome Guy. Take some time and go through his gallery, you'll see some cool stuff.

Find out what it took to make the Google apps video.

Tip - Use Blackboxes inside Phoeinx

Blackboxes are self-contained filters made in Aviary's effects editor, Peacock. You may or may not know that you can use these Blackbox file directly inside Phoenix. Use the Filter > Import Custom Filters to open the Blackbox browser where you can chose from the ever growing list of filters. Once a Blackbox filter is loaded into Phoenix it will open a dialog where you can change parameters of the filter if applicable. You can access any imported filters with the Filters > Custom Filters option.