The Weekly Birdbath May 15th - 21st

May 15th - 21st


Enter the gallery of IAmTheLeader and not only will you find some amazing and funny creations (love the dragons) but you will also see someone who has made great strides in quality since he's been here. IAmTheLeader has not only used Aviary to his best advantage, he's become one of our favorite members. Loyal and friendly, he selflessly creates videos of our art and hosts them on YouTube. So drop by his gallery and take a moment to enjoy his art and music. Thank you, Ian, you ARE the leader! Some favs:

Create your great tutorial and learn how to Warholize your work

Aviary is at Google IO! GoogleIO is a developers conference for Google services, and Aviary has a booth there.

Tip - Layer Filter Vignette Fill

Create an adjustable vignette effect using Phoenix's layer filters. Start by creating a new layer and fill it with a solid color using the Paintbucket tool. The color of the fill does not matter since it won't be visible in the end product. Next add a Glow effect from the layer filters panel. Enable both the Inner and Knockout parameters, set the blur x and blur y somewhere around 20, and set the Color to black. This will create a nice shading around the edges of your image, and at anytime you can adjust any of the parameters to change the effect. Play with the blur values to expand/contract the vignette, alter the color to give it a different vibe, or even change the quality to fine tune the effect.