The Weekly Birdbath May 22nd - 28th

May 22nd - 28th


GeoValentino may have only a few images but all are spectacular. His talent and mastery of Phoenix is growing, each new image gets better and better. Many of his images are surreal scenes with a few whimsical creations thrown in. Visit his gallery of incredible images, maybe if we all ask nice he'll make some more great images.

This weeks featured challenge is In the Sky set by yotambonehbaitcreate your own sky images using any of the apps

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Hooray! You can now embed & share your Myna creations in the forums just like images. Go to your Myna creation page, click on the Link & Embed button to get the link.

Raven just received a bunch of bug fixes and a few new features

The Aviary guidelines are up, stop by to check them out.

Tip - Add Generated Textures from Peacock

It is easy to add any of the generated textures from Peacock to your creation in Phoenix. Start by clicking on the Options > New peacock layer at the bottom of the layers panel, which will add a effects editor smart layer. Double clicking on this layer will open a separate window where Peacock will be loaded. Any generators and effects that you add in this new window will be added to your original creation. Of instance, add a noise generator to add film grain, or use a plaid generator to get a fabric texture into your original image.When you are done setting up your generated effects click the Close and preserve changes at the top to send it back to your original creation.