The Weekly Birdbath May 8th - 14th

May 8th - 14th


The surreal world of ppicasso's art sometimes evokes painful images; images that make you think and wonder. Filled with color, beauty, and hope, this talented artist will provoke and inspire as only the best do. Take your time as you view his gallery and study his visions of the world. You won't walk away untouched. Some favs:

Be your own banksy, learn to create graffiti street art with this tutorial . (PS fro those of you who haven't heard of Banksy definitely check out his work)

The Birdbath tips will now be showing up in the Aviary Blog on Tuesdays get your first look at the weeks tip there or you can wait for the birdbath

The New York Daily News is teaming up with Aviary and asking fans to picture LeBron James as a New York Nick.

Tip - Quick mask with Flood Fill

In certain circumstances you can use the flood fill in Aviary's online effects editor to create a quick mask. Set the Alpha to 0 in the Flood Fill's properties and wherever the fill is drawn will make first image transparent, like it has been masked. This can save you from having to use several hubs to remove simple background.