The Weekly Birdbath Oct 16th - 22nd

October 16th - 22nd

This week, instead of focusing on one or two musicians, we will be focusing on them all! Word on Bird Blvd (i.e. "the street") is that Myna and Roc artists don't seem to get as much attention as our visual artists. In a way this is understandable, as it takes a few seconds to determine if you like a visual piece, whereas it can take a couple of minutes or more to decide whether or not you appreciate an audio work. And how in the world do you find music?

The number of creations posted in the under-talked-about-under-ground group Myna's Songbirds is growing exponentially, and they range from good to flat-out eggstraordinary, in lots of styles. We have learned that one of our Aviators (guess who?) has almost 90 songs made here at Aviary by lots of artists that he (oooh, a sort of clue!) listens to almost every day. We're thinking that might be a little too Batty, but...

The point is, if you spend a mere 10 minutes twice a week trying out music in Myna's Songbirds, you could wind up with at least 15 new songs on your iPod in just a month. Trust us, it's worth your time. And your friends will thank you after you've shared with them! And, you get bonus Aviary referral points! No, wait... ^-^


Why did the Peacock cross the road? To join the Phoenix and the Raven across the street checking out the biblekid1 art gallery, of course! This adept at all things Aviary has been putting pointer to parchment since Jan. 3rd of last year (a long time in rookery years), and has amassed 440+ fave adds - over 5 pages of starred creations! Adept is from the New Latin word for an alchemist who can change base metals into gold, and after you join all of us in his gallery you'll understand just what we're talking about.

This week, Jiet posted not so much a challenge but more of a tribute to a great man, the late Benoît B. Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry. The challenge is to make a creation using Peacock's fractal hubs. So why not add yours to the list of tributes?

Just some of our favourites....

Tip - Splitter Shortcut

Here's an ingenious little shortcut that can speed up file creation in our online effects editor: you can add a Splitter hub onto any connection line from the context menu. Mouse over a connector and right-click on it when it's highlighted to bring up the context menu. From there, you will find the option to insert a splitter hub at the spot clicked. This can save you a few seconds by not having to open the hub sidebar and find the splitter hub.