The Weekly Birdbath Oct 23rd - 29th

October 23rd - 29th

Boo! If that didn't scare you guys and ghouls, maybe these audio creations will light your creepiness fire for Halloween this weekend!

Our Myna artist for all things scary is thekidchaz, who brings us a very well mixed song - superb clip trimming and great fade effects along with orchestral vocal backtracks and a driving rhythm.

Greenman (not little, but that would fit here!) gives us an eerie mix of Roc beats and sound effects that will curdle your Halloween brew:


After hatching into the Aviary flock, sometimes it takes a while to become adjusted to the amazing array of features available within the apps. Not so with one of our "newbies," a person we like to call elbb. Mainly because that's what she calls herself.

Elbb joined us less than two months ago and has already become a welcome fixture in the community - kind and helpful words in forum posts, thoughtful comments on creations, and some very, very good vector art using Raven. An officially hearty "Welcome aboard!" to her!

Please join us in the elbb-o room and see if you've missed anything!

This week, our second annual Dress up your avatar for Halloween challenge was presented by chief Aviator and all around ghoul guy mpeutz. It's a great way to show off what is really going on in that head of yours! There's still time to join in and show us your creepy/funny/silly side, so get out your costume and throw it on your avatar! Here are a few to get you in the mood:

Tip - Deleting Text

Editing text in our online vector editor Raven is an easy task once you know this little trick. The Backspace button doesn't work to delete letters in text fields; you have to use the Delete key. This is no problem on Windows, but Mac users will find that their Delete button doesn't work, since its normal behavior is to act as the Backspace key. Not to worry! To remove letters in a text field on a Mac, just use Shift + Delete and it'll work beautifully.