The Weekly Birdbath Oct 9th - 15th

October 9th-15th

Myna Mix of the Week

XtremeNUMBER1gives us this week's popular Myna mix. He has focused mainly on Myna (22 mixes so far!), although you'll find a great selection of Phoenix and Peacock artwork in his creations as well.
"Overload" is based on QuantumTracks' "Saucer Full" set - great bass lines, synths, special effects and an awesome club scene ambiance. This one will give you more New Groove than the Emperor!

Roc Music of the Week

Moving in an entirely different direction, Y100, who is another one of our multi-faceted audio and visual artists, has put together a fascinating set of Roc beats and mixed them into a gorgeous slow reggae song that will leave you wondering how and where to purchase it. Well don't worry, be happy, because it's right here and it's free!


What is a Spickle? We don't know either, but it sounds like a yummy topping for a hamburger. Add lemon to your tea, and you have a great meal. It's also the name of one of our most gifted and versatile artists. With a unique perspective and sizzling talent on free-hand sketches, photo editing and effects generation and even beautiful a capella vocals, Spickle has been cooking up some quite delicious food for thought since March 25, 2009.

Treat yourself to some of our favorites; the full menu is available all day long.

This week, Aviary user bassp challenged us to create something awesome from a texture that she made. In her own words.....

"Here's a surface I just made in ZBrush. Maybe it's a wall, maybe it's tire tracks in snow, or maybe it's just a texture with some mild innies and outies. Your challenge is to make something new out of it."

...and make something new you did, so come and join the fun. Here are just some of our faves!

Tip - Shape vs. Object guides

The object to guides command in our online vector editor reacts differently when performed on an shape or an object. On shapes the guides are drawn at the center point, while on an object the guides are drawn at each vertex.