The Weekly Birdbath Sept 25th - Oct 1st

September 25th - October 1st


Hungry? Be sure to pull in to the drive-through and order a supersized helping of creations from - not Taco Bell, but even more bueno - frog and an orange. Somewhere. But with a very impressive 389 stars, it's obvious that he has been whetting our appetites with exceptionally realistic images ever since he joined the flock on May 8, 2009. So with such an awesome ratio of stars to creations, we proudly bestow the title of "Aviary Artist of the Week" on taco56. Be sure to check him out, or heads will roll!

Well, this isn't really bird related, but it does have to do with a (mythical?) creature! There have been some wildly speculative discussions all over the forum boards about something called an 'elebear'. Are they more elephant, or more bear? Do they have tusks? Do they like honey or peanuts or both? Do they live in Texas, one of our favorite places in the world?! Eleanor_rigby even set an elebear challenge to emphasize the fact that no one really knows what they look like. Spickle gives us the lowdown, the shakedown and the 4-1-1 on elebears, Encyclopedia Britannica style.

How The Elebear Got Its Place In Aviary History

Dragons! That's the topic of the challenge timberwolf_emmy set for us this week. There are some fascinating, intriguing and maybe even beguiling (you know how dragons are) images submitted in this one. We were sitting around the Bat table playing Bat poker, wondering why she didn't offer a wolf challenge, but then we figured all the wolves had been eaten by the recently created dragons. So sorry, Emmy! :(

As a friendly reminder, the staff have created a Vimeo account that showcases Aviary created video tutorials, plus awesome member submitted videos (that can be you!) under the "Likes" tab. If you have created, or want to create, a video tutorial please be sure to take a gander (pun intended) at the forum post discussing this.

You can also still find plenty of additional video tutorials on The Avians' YouTube channel.

Tip - Merge Layers

You can easily merge non-adjacent layers in our online image editor, Phoenix. While holding the Control key (command if you're on a Mac), select the layers you want to merge and use the Merge Layers command from the option menu or from the layers menu. The merged layers will be placed at the lowest position in the layer stack. This is a great way to keep your layers tidy and free up memory for further manipulations!