Tip Tuesday - Peacock Smart Layers

Our effects editor Peacock can use Smart Layers just like the other image editing applications. However, Peacock will handle them a bit differently since it is a non-destructive editor. This means that any resources that are used with the application will not have their pixels permanently altered, so they all retain their editability.  Thus, there is no need to convert these resources before editing them in Peacock, which makes it a great application to use as the main hub for your Smart Layers. There are two ways to create and use Smart Layers in Peacock. First is to open the Resources sidebar and select an new Phoenix Resource, New Peacock Resource or New Raven Resource and pressing OK. This will open a second application in its own window in which you can create your resource. The second way is to choose Import Resource from the Resource sidebar or from the File menu; this will open the import area. From there, go to the Aviary tab and choose a Phoenix, Peacock, or Raven file and it will be imported as a Smart Layer.