Tip Tuesday - Set tempo and Snap for easy editing

Mizagorn: When you are working with QuantumTracks clips in Aviary's online audio editor Myna, life is easier when you set the "canvas" tempo to match the tempo of those clips and then set "Snap to Grid" on.

You can find the tempo of the QuantumTracks CD you are working with by looking at the far right "bpm" (beats per minute) column. First, click on the musical note button in the scale area where you see the display to set your scale to "tempo" instead of "time". Next, set your canvas tempo by selecting View > Change Tempo from the menu bar above the canvas. Then enable snap to grid by clicking the "Snap To Grid" radio button at the upper left of the canvas it will have a check mark when it is "on", or from the View > Change Tempo command. This makes it super easy to line up clips on tracks, and helps a lot when you scoot clips around.

An added bonus is when you right-click within a track segment to paste a clip, the jog slider (the vertical bar that shows where you are in the mix) will jump immediately to the beginning of that segment, so you don't have to bump your new clip around!