Tip Tuesday - Solo and Mute

This is the last week of 30 days of Roc, and this tip will finish up the track menu system with the app. There are two commands in the track menu that let you control how you preview your beats. Solo and Mute are located at the top of the menu, and can be toggled on or off.

Solo - This command will play only the track that has Solo turned on, essentially muting the rest of the tracks. Despite its name, you can set more than one track to solo. Each track that is set to solo will have a yellow highlight.

Mute - This command will mute, or turn off, the sound on the track. Each track that is muted will darken.

Use these commands to help you isolate and build interesting individual tracks within your beats... and don't forget to try all the new sounds that were introduced during 30 days of Roc! Now go create some awesome beats :)