TwitrPix Integrates Feather to add Editing Functionality

Want to edit your photos before posting them to Twitter? Now you can! Twitrpix currently allows users to upload and posts their photos onto Twitter using their mobile device or desktop web browser. Users can include a message while instantly sharing with their family, friends, and co-workers. Twitrpix not only provides this simple and effective service to their users, they also power a variety photo sharing services across the web, including Twitcher, Twitterville, TweetPocket, and more.

Twitrpix has gone ahead and added Feather, our simple image editor, to their list of functionality. Users can now edit, enhance, and have a blast with their posted photos - all without leaving the browser! With this new and exciting partnership, we're one step closer to our mission: Powering the World's Creativity!


Want to see how Feather works on other sites? Getting started is easy. First, log in to Twitrpix with your Twitter account. Choose a photo, add a caption if you want, and click 'Upload Photo' (It's that easy!)

Once uploaded, head over to 'MY PIX', and click on any photo. To launch Feather, click on 'Photo Editor'.

You may notice that the editor looks a little different from our original design. We’ve worked together with Twitrpix to produce a customized skin, and it serves as an excellent example of how our editor can be customized to fit your site! We changed the color schemes to fit Twitrpix’s brand, and we changed the buttons from eggs to circles. If you’d like to look into customizing Feather for your own site, give us a hoot!


Users can crop, rotate, resize, adjust color, saturation, contrast, as well as apply stylistic filters like instant, retro, toy camera, and more. To see a full list of features offered by Feather, visit

"At TwitrPix HQ, we’ve always followed the ideals that to succeed we needed to be different, find our own lane.  One of things that really surprised us was that only one of the photo sharing services from “Mashable’s Top 10 Twitter Photo-Sharing Sites” (yes we refer to that list in our inevitable climb to the #1 spot) offered users the ability to edit the photos they’ve uploaded.

We asked ourselves, “How can we be a media sharing platform if users can’t even edit and reshare their content?”  In fact, although we didn’t offer it as well (guilty as charged), we knew it was important but our roadmap was already stacked to the brim.

As luck would have it, though its probably more about recognizing innovation in others than luck, we became aware of a new product from Aviary called Feather.  We realized that it could immediately allow us to fast track a fundamental component that we were missing. And to do so, without reinventing the wheel and coding it from the ground up — saving us valuable development cycles and resources.

The integration was one of the most straight-forward processes we've come across and allowed us to roll the feature to small group of users really quickly.  Feedback gathered has been fantastic so far.  And we’re happy to say that we’re rolling out this new component to all of our users immediately." - Jerry Thompson, Co-Founder of Twitrpix and Cando Entertainment

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If you’ve integrated our Simple Image Editor onto your site, or would like to inquire about custom stickers and skins, let us know at Our Simple Image Editor is free to use and free to implement on your site. If you’re a developer and would like to try out Feather, read the technical documentation or embed it on your site, visit our developer site to learn more.