Updates from around the nest

Aviary in the New Yorker

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to engage in a witty riposte with the infamous New Yorker magazine. Barak Obama may hate us now, but at least my mom is proud.

Aviary toolbar

If you'd like to help alpha test the new Aviary Firefox extension that opens up a whole range of functionality into the Aviary suite that isn't available by default in Flash, please indicate so in the comments below.

We're adding:

- screenshot grabbing (full and partial)
- right-click image copying and editing from any website
- access to the binary data on your computer clipboard
- quick searching Aviary and stock photo databases
- tablet pressure sensitivity
- quick launching applications
- and more!

Aviary at SXSW in Texas

Michael Galpert, Mario Klingemann and myself (Avi Muchnick) have the opportunity to speak about Aviary at panels in the upcoming SXSW conference. The only catch is that we have to be nominated by visitors to the SXSW website. So, Please vote for us!]]