Updates to image editors!

Get ready for the best news you've heard since we started 30 days of Roc!

We're thrilled to announce that as of this morning we've released some significant updates to 3 of our most popular editors: Phoenix (advanced image editor), Raven (vector editor) and Falcon (image markup editor). Generally, the most significant improvements are to the stability of the applications, so they should all run more smoothly. Here's the list of all the changes; you may recognize some from your list of 2011 feature requests ;)

  • Import and export layered .psd files!
  • Improved brush performance. Brushes are noticeably faster and smoother.
  • Larger slider handles for easier control.
  • 1:1 zoom function. The new button located next to the zoom slider will return your view to 100%.
  • Color variation parameter for brush. This new function will randomly switch the color of the brush between the set foreground and background colors.
  • New and improved smudge tool. The smudge brush now fades out, giving a more natural smudge effect.
  • Eraser Alpha controls greatly improved. The eraser's alpha is now reflected on the canvas, so you're able to erase at less than 100% alpha.
  • Simple and custom brushes combined into one tool.
  • Layer Masks work with luminosity instead of alpha. They'll now use the luminosity channel (lightness) for masking instead of the alpha channel (opacity). Note: the mask thumbnail in the layers panel is not yet updating.
  • Improved history panel. You'll notice that the items in the history panel now better reflect the actions you perform in the application.
  • Fixed persistent color picker issue. Toucan color palettes will now be retained in the color picker as they should be.
  • Tons of performance improvements.

  • Added smart layers. You can now rasterize ("flatten") and edit shapes in Peacock and Phoenix!
  • Merge layers. Rasterize and combine multiple layers to reduce your file size.
  • Better font selection. You can now preview fonts before choosing one.
  • Text background colors. Customize the background area behind a font with its own color.
  • Typographic case functions. You can switch your text between upper and lower case, and set small caps for some fonts.
  • Fixed issue where workspace would dim while picking colors.
  • Fixed persistent color picker issue. Toucan color palettes will now be retained in the color picker as they should be.
  • Fixed an error which was preventing text to flip properly.
  • Added duplicate command. Right click on any object and choose Duplicate to create a copy.
  • Tons of performance improvements.

  • Changes in selection/deselection mechanics. Last drawn shape remains selected for a quicker workflow. Note: Press enter to deselect the object and continue working.
  • Changes in text object. Press enter to commit editing, or shift enter to add a new line.
  • Unified effects for text and shapes. The shape and text effects behave the same way for each type of element, for a smoother editing experience.
  • Slider now controls the actual text size instead of changing the effect strength. (In other words, it will no longer just increase the size of the shadow/outline.)
  • Tons of performance improvements.

We're really happy to have been able to release these updates, and we can't wait to see what new creations you guys come up with!

Remember that you can always contact us to submit other feature requests or bug reports. We'll keep doing our best to make sure you have the best experience possible with our tools :)