Vector editing in your browser - video sneak peek

vector editor Raven. The obvious analogy would be to desktop software like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Inkscape.

From a commercial standpoint, we're really excited to release Raven into the wild because vectors are infinitely scalable and are used in everything from logo design to t-shirts to clip art. In other words, whereas Phoenix is not ideal for native high resolution design, Raven is very well suited for it.

Many of you have asked about how vectors will integrate with other tools: so we'll confirm here that the code base will be ported to all tools in the suite that can make use of it.

- Phoenix: We'll add a Pen-tool for use in the creation of reusable vector paths for making editable shapes and selections.
- Horus and Owl, our font and desktop layout editors, will also make use of this engine to edit vectors directly.

Raven will be a phenomenal way of driving graphic design services through Aviary's market place. Can you imagine a website where an artist can be hired to design a logo, chat with the client, share revisions (and even edit live in front of the client), manage their work flow and finally provide the final source files right to the client who doesn't need any special software to open it, all from within a single interface?

Another situation where the technology would be useful is for online clothing design communities whose members will no longer need to purchase and/or troubleshoot install expensive desktop software in order to jump in and design clothing!

To be one of the first to get access to Raven, sign up at for an invitation. If you are already in the system, no need to resign up. Just drop us a note in the forums and we'll add it to your account as soon as we release it.]]