Video of smart image resizing in Aviary

where we announced Woodpecker, we were asked by an Aviary user to post a video of our smart image resizer in action and we figured we'd share it with everyone.

<a href='' class='author' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'><b>flash video</b></a>

While we do have Woodpecker slated to be released as a stand alone application, it will also be available directly within Phoenix, our image editor's interface for easy resizing work on individual layers.

Otherwise known as "Liquid scaling" or "seam carving", this technology allows a picture to be automatically resized without damaging or squishing elements the computer (or artist) deems to be important. For example, we can resize this image:

to this:

To gain access to Aviary, Woodpecker and other tools currently under beta release, please sign up at]]