What is 'The Frying Pan?'

The Frying Pan.

Can you guess what it does?

10 lucky guesses will get 1 year of Aviary Pro, for free. If you already have it, you'll get the right to gift it to someone else. 1 win per person. :)

Here's who can win:

1) The first 5 people who guess right in the comments below this post or on Twitter.

2) Up to 5 people (chosen at random) who post entertaining (but wrong) answer in the comments below or on Twitter. :)


Please make sure to include the following hash tag #fryingpan (and we optionally recommend a link to this post: http://bit.ly/11MIdV)

Example Tweet
Click it to post to Twitter - and don't forget to fill in the blank with your answer!

I bet the new app from @Aviary is __________________ #Aviary #FryingPan http://bit.ly/11MIdV

Good luck!

Update: We changed the hashtag from #WhatIsTheFryingPan to #fryingpan since Twitter apparently can't index it correctly. Don't worry though, we'll track the old tag too.]]