Why hello, Windows Phone!

Last week some big news broke on Geekwire and The Verge: we're bringing the Aviary SDK to Windows Phone! Our goal at Aviary is to democratize creativity so that it's available for everyone. After creating SDKs for iPhone and Android, the next natural step was to follow with the Windows Phone platform. We're especially smitten with the new Nokia Lumia phones, which are aesthetically gorgeous and have great hardware (...did anyone say Carl Zeiss lenses?).

Given these latest devices and overall developer interest, we feel that the Windows Phone platform will be an increasingly appealing -- and popular -- choice for all you app developers looking to expand beyond the App Store and Android Marketplace, and Aviary for Windows Phone means you'll be able to easily add photo editing to any apps you build for that platform, too!

A full release of the SDK should be ready by Q2 of this year. Can't wait that long? You can get a sneak peek of the Aviary SDK for Windows Phone at Photo Hack Day 2, which is being held at General Assembly. The hackathon offers developers an opportunity to preview our SDK for Windows Phone, as well as the chance to build on the platform for cash and crazy prizes!

Says Bryan Biniak, Nokia's VP of Global Partner and App Development:

"With the new Aviary SDK for Windows Phone 7, developers can create ground  breaking applications that take advantage of the unique features of Nokia Lumia devices, like the Lumia’s Carl Zeiss lens, as well as to port their existing imaging apps to millions of Nokia Windows Phones around the world.  We’re proud to support Aviary as the headline sponsor of the Aviary Photo Hack Day event and look forward to promoting the winning apps created by talented Windows Phone developers attending the Photo Hack Day event in New York City."

Hope to see you February 25!