Winners and full list of hacks from Photo Hack Day!

We had a great turnout this weekend at Photo Hack Day, Aviary'sphoto-centric hackathon. With all the awesome hacks (over 40!) that were presented on Sunday, the judges really had their work cut out for them. Check out the winners and the full list of hacks below, and stay tuned for the next Aviary API contest if these apps get your gears turning!

1st place: Photobot - Mason Du, Oscar G Torres. APIs used: Flickr,, Aviary, Shutterstock

2nd place: HoneyBadger - Abe Stanway, Misha Ponizil. APIs used:, Aviary, Twilio, Facebook

3rd place: Nostalgia - Rolf Rando, Jahanzeb Khawaja. APIs used: Instagram

Honorable mentions: Emotional Breakdown and PhotoBombr

People's choice: HoneyBadger - Abe Stanway, Misha Ponizil. APIs used:, Aviary, Twilio, Facebook



ALBUM+ - Amir Shimoni. APIs used: Twilio, Aviary, Instagram, Trove/Flickr,

AllPaper - Hung Truong. APIs used: Instagram, 500px

Beard Me - Michael Schonfeld. APIs used:

BigBG - Jesse Chan-Norris. APIs used: Flickr, 500px, Magickly

BirthdayCards (iOS) (Winner, best use of Sincerely API) - Cameron Spickert. APIs used: Sincerely Ship Library, Aviary Feather SDK for iOS, Facebook Graph API

Comics Cam - Gilad Shai. APIs used: Aviary

CrowdFrames (Winner, best use of 500px API) - Ben Moss, Samantha John. APIs used: Twilio, 500px

Emotional Breakdown (Winner, best use of API, best use of Lomography API) - Andy Mangold, Anthony Mattox. APIs used: facial recognition API, Google Charts API

Everybody Can See Now! - Arcadius, Peggy. APIs used: Twilio, 500px

Faceswap - Lei. APIs used:

Facialytics - Jonathan Bensamoun, Ryan Hittner, Megan Janel Zimmer. Twitter: @facialytics. APIs used:

FlickHundred (Winner, best use of 500px API, runner up use of Flickr API) - Jesse Chan-Norris. APIs used: Flickr, 500px

Friendpocalypse - Greg Galant, Lee Semel, Wylie Conlon, Will Charczuk, Jeremiah Malina, Bojan Mitrevski, Gautier Julien. APIs used:, Facebook

Graffiti.js - Aidan Feldman. APIs used: none

Happy Mug - Greg Landweber, Andy Minkstein. APIs used: Facebook,, MoPho Engine

Hipster Hash - Joe McCourt. APIs used: none

HoneyBadger (Winner, 2nd place, People's Choice) - Abe Stanway, Misha Ponizil. APIs used:, Aviary, Twilio, Facebook

Instagirl (iOS) - Ajay Chainani. APIs used:, Instagram

Kinect Photos Proof of Concept - Justin Hart. APIs used: Photobucket, Kinect

Moodify - Michael Schonfeld. APIs used:, Spotify, EchoNest

Protestr - Chris Haseman. APIs used: Imgur, Tumblr, Flickr

SocialPhotoStock - Jose de Cabo, Alex Dantart, Pau Sabria, Luis Sanz, Sebastian Alvarez. APIs used: 500px, Picplz, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Photobucket, Twitter

Stash Your 'Stache (Winner, best use of Aviary API) - Sara Chipps, Christina Lutters, Brenda Storer. APIs used:, Aviary

Tag Fight! - David Huerta. APIs used: Twilio, Flickr

TrueLookAlike - Carmen Delessio. APIs used:, Facebook

Underwear-Model-ify Yourself via MMS - Robb. APIs used:

Voronoi Diacam (Winner, best use of Flickr API) - David Chan, Max Gribov, David Cilia, Alexander Sagalovskiy, Shepherd X, Axel Forest, Christopher Kennedy. APIs used: Flickr,, Foursquare

ZoneMinder - Jesse Chan-Norris. APIs used: Twilio, Foursquare


If you want to add a URL for your hack or have a correction, please email us at or hit up Erin on twitter.