With more than 50 Million Monthly Active Users, Aviary now heads to Japan!

Big news: more than 50 million people have made their pictures look awesome with Aviary’s Photo Editor in the last 30 days*. That’s a huge milestone to reach – and represents 100% growth in the last six months. In total, we have now helped people edit more than 4 billion photos.

Of course, those 50 million people use Aviary not just in our own showcase apps, but across partner apps like Flickr, Pic Stitch, Tango and many more.  In fact, as I write this post and check our analytics dashboard, I’m seeing 4,662 partners currently live with Aviary integration. That’s up from 3,500 in March.

So that huge milestone of 50MM MAUs also comes with a huge amount of responsibility. We can’t thank our 4,662 partners enough for the trust they put in Aviary every day to power their apps and provide their users with top class photo editing tools, filters, frames and stickers. We promise to keep working hard and smart to push our products even further, even faster, trying with every new release to delight partners and their users around the globe.

And that term, “around the globe,” now means even more to Aviary because in June... we’ll have our first international presence… in Tokyo, Japan.


This year, we’ve seen huge demand from users and partners right across Asia. Partners are taking advantage of our localized SDK for photos and stickers, and are also working with us to create custom content for their users.


We already have fantastic partnerships with companies like Mixi, one of the biggest social networks in Japan, so it makes perfect sense for Aviary to put feet on the street in Tokyo and start serving the region from there. We’re also planning to host Photo Hack Day 5 in Japan sometime in the Fall – to say a big THANK YOU (ありがとうございます!) to all the developers who have worked with us so far, and to say a big HELLO (こんにちは) to new friends who we hope will work us in the near future.

Exciting times! Keep an eye on this blog for more news soon…


*As ever, no metric we publish refers to, or includes, any Twitter data.