For nearly a decade, Photobucket’s dedicated users have cherished the photo sharing and storage service. Those users have stored over 10 billion total images. With that magnitude of precious moments, Photobucket has a lot of responsibility on its hands. So, we’re honored that Photobucket has chosen Aviary as its photo editing solution. Now, Photobucket users can easily and effectively beautify their photos and albums with Aviary. Photo editing has always been a core part of the Photobucket web experience, but Photobucket users are also highly active on mobile. With a new website recently launched, and upcoming updates to its mobile products, Photobucket turned to Aviary to provide robust and consistent cross-platform photo editing capabilities for its users. We carefully design our SDKs to be native to each platform we offer -- iOS, Android, Windows Phone, HTML5 -- so the product is strong, the deployment is simple, and users get a seamless and intuitive photo editing experience no matter where they are. Today, you’ll find Aviary on Photobucket’s website, and soon, on its iOS and Android apps.

So, what can you expect when editing photos on Photobucket? The integration is very intuitive, as the “Edit” option is available in several places across the site. Simply click this “Edit” button anywhere and our editor will pop up. Take a look:

PhotoBucket Editor

Photobucket has included all of our powerful tools, including “Splash” - our brand new color splash tool, which is already a user favorite.

photobucket colorsplash

We can’t wait to share what’s in store for Photobucket’s mobile applications.

Welcome to the Aviary Partner Network, Photobucket! We’re looking forward to seeing your photographers put our tools to work.

If you have an application or website and want to integrate the best photo editing experience, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at