It's been an amazing past 12 months for us and while we're absolutely ecstatic about our momentum, we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon!

Today we're excited to announce our partnership with Mixi, Japan's leading social network and communications infrastructure. With a heavy request from Mixi users for a photo editor, Mixi chose Aviary and has updated their iPhone application with our iOS SDK. This new feature now gives Mixi users the ability to add stylistic effects, adjust the lighting, apply text and more to each photo before posting it online for their peers to comment, react, and engage.


Founded in 2004, Mixi now boasts over 25 million users and is progressively innovating to stay on top of the market.

We're proud to work with a company that prides itself on compatibility and intuitiveness, and are anxious to see how their loyal community responds to the new feature inside their beloved network. Mixi will soon integrate Aviary inside their Android app, with plans to possibly adding it to their website in the future to create a seamless workflow across all their platforms.

This is a huge step for Aviary as we grow to become the world's leading provider of photo editing tools for both web and mobile.  This partnership with Mixi now allows us to have a better understanding of the Japanese market, their developer ecosystem, and what trends (both social and content) to look after. Today Aviary is localizable into any language, which makes us an appealing option for other international companies like and Zoomin, but what we hope to ultimately offer are tools and features that are popular outside of the US and more specialized to cater each market - we're very thankful for our current international partners who are guiding us.

AuthorNam Nguyen
CategoriesiOS, Partners