We recently launched our photo-editing SDK, a mobile version of our popular web-based simple photo editor. Developers of mobile applications can now add our photo editor’s powerful functionality into any iPhone or Android app with just a few lines of code! Read on to see what Capture the Flag did with our tools, or check out the rest of our partners to see how they’re putting our editor to use. At Aviary, we're a big fan of photos (naturally), but what you might not know is that we're equally fond of games. When it comes to intra-office competition, the pool table, Quake tournaments, and FIFA offer ample opportunities for our team to duke it out -- but what if there was a game that began to blur the lines between competing on a console and in real life?

We've written about Snapr before, but this time we want to share another one of their projects with you: Capture the Flag. The ubiquitous childhood pastime has been transformed from a recess game to a mobile one, but remains true to the idea of battling for the blacktop. The tried and true adage says the world is your oyster. On the other hand, Snapr says the real world is your map -- and you better conquer it.

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To play, join a tribe, check-in at various locations, and take pictures of the places you want to take over. Every photo scores points for your team, and sharing awards you with bonuses; when you have the most points at a particular place, it becomes your territory. (Victory!) To add to the blurred lines between your mobile device and reality, claiming a location entitles you to deals and additional bonuses.

Aviary's editor is one of the features of playing Capture the Flag! To see our tools at work, upload a photo of your current whereabouts, tap the edit button at the top of the screen, and watch as you're whisked away into our editor. Capture the Flag has our full array of tools, so perfection is possible! Once your pictures are ready to go, geotag them, submit them, and watch the points roll in.

We're proud to partner with new, creative companies like Snapr who continue to add layers of new experiences to the way we combine photos and our phones.

To learn more, check out Capture the Flag's website!