We recently launched our photo-editing SDK, a mobile version of our popular web-based simple photo editor. Developers of mobile applications can now add our photo editor’s powerful functionality into any iPhone or Android app with just a few lines of code! Read on to see what Picsicle did with our tools, or check out the rest of our partners to see how they’re putting our editor to use.

Our friends at Sincerely just launched the Sincerely Ship Library for iOS, which makes adding photo printing and postcard functionality to your app as easy as including a library.

Leveraging Sincerely and Aviary's APIs, Frank Denbow -- founder of StartupThreads, organizer of StartupWeekend, and curator of StartupDigest -- has created Picsicle. The iOS app is a new way of turning your memories, in the form of mobile photos, into something tangible.

Download the iPhone app now!

In case you haven't noticed by now, Aviary loves simple, streamlined workflows. Like our mobile editor and the rest of the products in Sincerely's awesome suite, Picsicle is absolutely intuitive to use.

The process is as simple as taking a photo (or uploading an existing one) and editing the image using our wide range of tools. Picsicle features Aviary's effects, stickers, text, brightness, and more, while Sincerely takes care of the printing and shipping. $1.99 is all it takes to turn the photos on your phone into a 4x6 postcard that can be shared with anyone around the world. You heard us right: Anyone! Anywhere! We're not heavy users of hyperbole, but it is literally that easy.

So now you get why we're big fans, right?

The ability to capture specific moments is something that the camera phone has brought to millions of people worldwide. Picsicle offers its users one more step: the ability to customize those moments in ways that are creative and unique before sharing them. Pictures can break free of being one component of an image stream, and you can enjoy the satisfaction of sharing your memories, in tangible form, with the people who will enjoy them the most.

We've been waiting a long time to see Sincerely's Ship Library in action, and think Picsicle is a great way to demonstrate what the library is capable of. Aviary is proud to partner with Picsicle's efforts to bring a welcome surprise to your loved ones.

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