We recently launched our photo-editing SDK, a mobile version of our popular web-based simple photo editor. Developers of mobile applications can now add our photo editor’s powerful functionality into any iPhone or Android app with just a few lines of code! Read on to see what Snapette did with our tools, or check out the rest of our partners to see how they’re putting our editor to use.

Purveyors of arm candy and footwear aficionados with not enough closet space to spare, this one's for you. Online communities celebrating designer handbags and shoes have brought droves of the Louboutin-crazed to their websites, but Snapette is here to change the game.

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With the launch of their new iOS app, Snapette is putting the ability to admire the hottest accessories in the palm of your hand, and Aviary's mobile editor is ready to help your photos of such coveted goods look like they belong in a fashion editorial. (Yes, handbags are worthy of close-ups, too.)


To see Aviary's mobile editor work its magic in Snapette's app, take a photo of your handbag or shoe of choice, then tap the enhance button to enter Aviary's editor. From there, you can choose to add effects or change the brightness, contrast, and saturation.

All that's left to do is to add details about the brand, where you saw it, how much it cost, and a brief description! The rest of the Snapette community will be able to "ooh" and "aah" along with you, even if they're on the other side of the world.

The world of mobile apps just got a little bit more fashionable, thanks to Snapette, and the Aviary team is more than happy to help. Way to keep it classy (...or edgy, or funky, or whatever your sartorial sense desires), Snapette users!

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