We recently launched our photo-editing SDK, a mobile version of our popular web-based simple photo editor. Developers of mobile applications can now add our photo editor’s powerful functionality into any iPhone or Android app with just a few lines of code! Read on to see what Snapr did with our tools, or check out the rest of our partners to see how they’re putting our editor to use.

Many consider cartography a lost art, but Snapr's new iOS app combines old school technique with modern day technology. With GPS and geotags, Snapr enables users to create photographic maps that are organized by place (latest photos taken in a given part of town) and time (images that were all taken around the same time).

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There are multiple viewing methods for maps, which means users can toggle between various maps with images from the entire Snapr community, people they follow, or just themselves. Additionally, Snapr keeps track of popular activity from major cities around the world. Its sharing functionality allows users to contribute to these maps, but also connects to other social platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and foursquare.

To see Aviary's editing tools at work within the Snapr app, simply take a picture -- we'll start with this adorable glamour shot of our office dog, Pubby.

The rest is a breeze. Add text, tap the edit button, tweak your photo accordingly, and watch as your fixed image magically joins the local image ecosystem!

Thanks to Snapr, visual cartography is now in the hands of the people -- we're very proud of our partnership and can't wait to see more Aviary-edited images begin to populate the mobile maps of the world.

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