In the spirit of keeping things moving in 2013, we have yet another Android announcement: version 2.2.1 of our Android SDK has been released. This is a massive update, and if you're an Android developer thats using Aviary's SDK to bring beautiful photo editing functionality to your users, you want to get your hands on this.Aviary's Brand New Effects

Let us fill you in on what we've added. To start, we've completely reworked the Effects tool. We found that users didn't care about effects categories, they just wanted to get right into the actual effects and start adding them to their photos.  So we removed the effects canister screen, completely eliminating a step from the process. We also redesigned the 12 default effects that come with the tool to be more subtle and just generally way more usable.  We tested this change in our Showcase app back in December and saw a massive spike in usage, so we're confident your users are going to love this. Make sure you check out the Avenue, Cruz, and Clyde effects - our users have really been digging these.

Aviary's Antique Frame

We've also added a brand new Frames tool. Users were tired of being forced to use certain frames with certain effects, so we pulled the two apart and gave Frames its own tool. To start, the tool features 12 beautiful frames, and we'll be adding more all the time. So far, the Antique, Splatter, and Grit frames have all been the most popular in our Showcase app.

Lastly, we've taken care of some necessary business with this release, cleaning up an Orientation tool bug, adding support for x86, and changing the way you need to pass your API-KEY to the SDK (definitely consult README.MD for more info on this one).

Have you implemented version 2.2.1 into your own app? What do you think of the new effects and frames? Let us know in the comments below.