With the excitement of our newly launched mobile SDKs, we’re happy and proud to announce that we have 31 launch partners! From photo sharing to fashion-centric apps, our wide range of launch partners can now offer their users the ability to edit and enhance their photos, right in the palm of their hand. Check out the list below! (In no particular order of awesomeness)






Sharing is universal. Minus was created to make sharing pictures, documents, music, videos and files simple, instant, and free.

Download the Android app now!

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"Minus is very excited to be one of Aviary's mobile launching partners. Many of our mobile users have requested photo editing features which Aviary will provide and best of all the integration was simple and painless." - John Xie, co-founder of Minus.com






Snap, brought to you by Exclaim, gives you instant access to all your photos from over 16 different social media and photo sharing sites. View, autobackup, upload, voice and video tweet, check-in, or print directly to any Walgreens near you.

iPhone and Android apps coming soon! Integration expected to be live by Oct 31st. To learn more, visit Exclaim.com.

"Exclaim is happy to partner with Aviary and provide our Snap MyLife mobile users with their outstanding photo editing tools" - Michael Subhan, VP of Marketing





The Fotobabble iPhone App lets you quickly create and easily add your voice to photos and instantaneously share those Talking Photos with friends.

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"The integration of Aviary's powerful mobile photo editor into Fotobabble's iPhone app lets users create stunning narrated slide shows and talking photos with special effects in seconds. With a single click, businesses, nonprofits, educators, and consumers can share rich content with their friends and fans on Facebook, Twitter or email. It's an incredible way to create compelling photo-stories from a mobile phone."- Kamal Shah, CEO





 iLoader for Facebook




iLoader is the most popular Facebook photos and video uploader for iPhone/iPod/iPad. It saves you time by batch uploading multiple photos and videos!

Download the iPhone app now! (integration expected to be live Sep 21st)

"We decided to use the Aviary iOS sdk because it was very easy to integrate, customize and use. The sdk provided all the basic photo editing features that we hope to add and a lot more on top of that. Partnering with Aviary will give iLoader users more and better photo editing features and allows us to focus on our core batch uploading functionalities." - Ky Vu, Founder 




Do you do a killer impression? With Bobodidit Worldwide's iPhone app, LipMe, you can pay homage to, or poke fun at anyone from your best friend to the president by recording and sharing your own funny impersonation!

Download their iPhone app now!

"We're very psyched for Bobodidit Worldwide to have been selected as a launch partner with Aviary for Mobile!  Implementing the clean, easy-to-use tools, has allowed us to take the features offered within LipMe to a whole new level.  It's like we injected the fun-factor of the app with legal steroids!" - Jarett Sims, CEO






picplz makes photo sharing easy with free iPhone and android apps. You can take a picture and share your life instantly, and it's simple to add a caption, tag your location and check-in. You can even apply great looking photo filters for an extra flair.

Download their iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live by Oct 31st)

Download their Android app now! (Integration expected to be live by Oct 31st)

"We are very excited to integrate the Aviary mobile SDK into the picplz Android and iPhone apps. Our users have been asking for photo editing capabilities and the Aviary mobile SDK allows us to deliver exactly that. The Aviary mobile SDK has a beautiful, easy to use interface that will fit wonderfully within the picplz apps.

By leveraging Aviary's expertise in image manipulation we can provide our users with improved functionality while letting us focus on the core photo sharing and community aspect of picplz." - Jeff Argast, CTO



OpenPhoto is the digital equivalent of shoe-boxes filled with photos. Except they're backed up to make sure you never lose them, and portable so you can do whatever you want to them, wherever you go. Did we mention it's free and open source too? OpenPhoto iPhone app expected to be live by Sep 30th.

Learn more about OpenPhoto

"The Aviary Feather API made it painless to integrate photo editing capabilities such as cropping and filters. These are features our users want but we did not have the bandwidth to build ourselves." - Jaisen Mathai, Founder 



inQuicity is where content lives! inQuicity's iPhone app provides the only multidimensional view of the most interesting people, places and events around you. We let you peel back time and walk into history, genuinely enhancing your experience of the city.

Download the iPhone app now!

"We're thrilled to be partnering with Aviary and their photo- processing technology to make our scavenger hunts and urban challenges more interactive and engaging. With the addition of their capabilities, the inQuicity experience will be much more social and genuinely fun to share." - Darlene Newman, Co-Founder & CEO



Fashism's iPhone app allows you to get feedback on your outfits--anytime, anywhere. Whether in the dressing room or at home, just snap a photo, post it, and get fast results from a worldwide community of fashion obsessed friends.

Download the iPhone app now!

"We are thrilled to be implementing Aviary for Mobile, because most of the content on our site comes from our app. We are excited that our users will have the tools to make their photos even more beautiful, and that they will be able to do it right from their phone. It's awesome." - Brooke Moreland, Co-founder and CEO






kapturem allows you to share pictures and have fun with it! Comment and rate content, complete challenges, follow friends, and more. You are rewarded points by sharing content, enabling you to gain notoriety in the kapturem community.

Download their Android app now! (integration expected to be live Sep. 30th)

"We are using the aviary suite of products to enhance our photo sharing experience not only through manipulation, but through socialization as well. Our user base will be able to edit, transform and doodle on their photos using the feather api." - Christopher Brown, Co-Founder 



Pictour will allow you to discover and share travel experiences, in the palm of your hand! Their iPhone app is still in development, but you can sign up here to be an early beta tester!

Download the Android App now!

"One of the most popular feature requests we were getting from our alpha users was photo editing to enhance the brightness and contrast or to crop the photos directly on their phones... the Aviary SDK came to save the day at the right time for us" - Alejandro Corpeno, Co-Founder and CEO



Schoology is an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement online learning, classroom management, and social networking platform that enhances student engagement and improves learning through better communication, collaboration, and increased access to curriculum and supplemental content.

Download the iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live Sep 30th)

“We are extremely excited to be working with Aviary to implement the Feather SDK into our iPhone app.  We are certain that Aviary for Mobile will be a tremendous value-add to our end users.  Smart phones are becoming more and more important in the everyday lives of teachers and students, and with Aviary for Mobile, our users will be able to capture and share important moments with their classmates and teachers."  - Bill Kindler VP, Business Development



iSocialize is simply the best app to update your Facebook, Twitter, MMS, SMS, and e-mail all in the same place!

Download the iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live Sep 30th)

"The seamless integration of Aviary solutions will enable iSocialize users to enjoy, directly in the app, a plethora of sophisticated editing tools to enhance and beautify pictures one step before sharing them on social networks.

From a developer perspective, integrating so many new features in a very limited amount of time and more importantly without disrupting the existing user experience is a unique opportunity." - Paolo Perazzo, Founder







Snapette is the new social destination for fashion lovers on the go. Browse and share photos of amazing shoes, bags, + more, from around the corner, or around the world!

Download their iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live by Sep 30th)

"We had been researching various photo editing options and found Aviary to be not only superior to the others but extremely easy to integrate into our app. The new photo editing options that we are adding to our app will enhance our user's ability to create visually appealing photos of their local fashion finds. " - Jinhee Kim, Director of Product Development



Tracks is a new mobile app that lets you make stories through photos together. Invite friends and family and have them add photos to your track.

Download the iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live by Sep 30th)

"Tracks will be using Aviary to enable our users to make their photos more personal and beautiful through photo effects and filters.  The Aviary Feather effects will enrich our user experience around photo sharing and make the Tracks experience more compelling experience for our users.   - Vic Singh, Founder and CEO



Pixable is a beautiful iPhone app that finds the top photos shared by your friends on Facebook. Pixable ranks photos based on likes, comments, tags, and dozens of other variables to bring you the best of what's being shared in your network.

Download their iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live Sep. 30th)

"Users will now be able to edit any photo they find on Pixable with fun filters and stickers to add a little humor and style before resharing it. The more fun we can let our users have the better, and so Feather is an ideal complement to our own app" - Loren Appin, Director of Marketing








Build your inner circle and connect with those that matter most! 20@ is a fresh direction in social networking. Their free iPhone app makes communicating with your most valued contacts simple and efficient.

Download their iPhone app now!

"With the Aviary photo editing tools we immediately introduce more fun and function and allow our users to create a richer and more customized experience.  The fact that Aviary was a fast integration in both our mobile and desktop apps, just adds to the products appeal." - Michael Deadder, Head of Alliances / Partnerships







Getaround is a social car sharing service. Their iPhone app enables car owners to safely rent out their underutilized cars to a community of trusted drivers. People in need of a car can rent one by the hour!

Download their iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live Sep 30th)

"We're excited to be implementing Aviary for Mobile and giving our car owners even more control over what they display on their profile. Our owners will now be able to blur out their license plates, crop photos, and make other enhancements directly from their phones." - Avery Lewis, Head of Product 







With over 750,000 downloads and counting, PicCollage is proving to be one of the best and simple ways to create collages with your Facebook and iPhone photos.

Download the iPhone app now!

"The Aviary SDK is perfect for our photo collage app. Just double-tap a photo in PicCollage and the editing tools pop up, making it super easy to add effects and filters on the fly" - John Fan, Co-Founder 



A fun + simple way to talk and play with 'piics'.

Download the iOS app now!

"It's impressive to see how powerful of a tool the aviary SDK really is. We are really exited to be one of the first to include it in our product" - Jonathan Slimak, Co-Founder





Show and tell for people who love to cook! Yumalicious is perfect for people who can turn simple ingredients into flavorful homemade creations. Great food and drinks are meant to be shared, so, like the saying goes, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Their app will be available shortly after Sep 13th. Learn more yumalicio.us

"Getting the Feather API to work in the Yumalicious iPhone app tool less than 10 minutes to implement; in no time we were able to give our users the ability edit their images with a wide range of features allowing them crop their images and  adjust the brightness, saturation, and color." - Tobin Schwaiger-Hastanan, Co-Founder 






TwitrPix for iOS is the fastest and easiest way to capture, enhance and share beautiful mobile photos.

Download their iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live by Sep 30th)







PicLyf is a social picture journal that lets you easily add layers of info to your photos! Their iPhone app is expected to be live and integrated by Sep 24th.

Learn more about PicLyf

"Aviary's Feather for mobile lets us quickly integrate new features into our upcoming iOS & Android apps in a matter of minutes. Together with our notes, pinpoints & tags, our users can now easily enhance or add effects to their photos allowing them to share & remember life better than ever." - Eric Su, Co-Founder








Waddle is a mobile photo journaling app for groups of friends to connect and conversationally capture memories in a fun and meaningful way.

Sign up now to reserve your spot in line for when they launch! (Expected to be live by Sep. 30th)

"Partnering with Aviary has made it dead simple to give our users the option to easily add slick filters to their photos, enhancing the expressiveness of the memories they capture on Waddle." - Parker Emmott, Co-Founder 






Whiteboard is a collaborative drawing tool that allows multiple devices to create pictures together. It supports collaboration over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, as well as the Internet. It's simple, incredible fun for family and friends to doodle together.

Download the iPhone app now!

"We're truly excited to integrate Aviary's new offering to provide flexible new drawing tools to our wide range of amateur artists." - Elliot Lee, Founder 









MyPics is an application to view and manage your Picasa web albums. If you have multiple Picasa accounts, you can add them all to MyPics, and have access to all of them from a single app! Want to view your friends' photos or videos? No problem!

Download the iPhone app now!

"Users of MyPics have been requesting image editing features like cropping and rotation for quite some time. With Feather SDK we were able to add these two features as well as many more in less than an hour. The guys from Aviary were very responsive and helpful with the integration. We are very excited to offer all the features of Feather SDK to our users!" - Alex, Founder






Snapr allows you to broadcast your favorite moments, track the places you visit, and record the things you see.

Download their iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live by Sep 30th)

"Its going to be a lot of fun to see how people use Aviary's editing tools in combination with Snapr's location social photo sharing" - Rowan Wernham, Founder 








BffMedia is the brains behing BffPhoto, an Android app that allows you to do everything you want to do with your Facebook Photos - create albums on the fly, tag photos, browse, and share.

Download the Android app now!

"Having the power of the Aviary editor in our BFFPhoto Android apps is a killer feature for our users. The elegance and ease of integrating the SDK was a blessing for our development team. We love Aviary!" - Carmen Delessio, Founder











Capture the Flag let's you team up with your friends, find cool places, share photos, capture spots, and even get deals!

Download the iPhone app now! (Integration expected to be live Sep 20th)

"With Capture the Flag we have put all our development time into the game and its characters, was great to be able to easily drop in Aviary's photo editing suite and have that side of things taken care of." - Rowan Wernham, Founder 





Collect and manage EVERY photo taken at your wedding, automatically.

Download the iPhone app now! (Integration coming Sep 30th)

"We integrated the web API so our users could edit images and have some fun with filters and stickers. Implementing the SDK for our mobile apps was  the natural extension. The day we heard about it, we asked, "where do we sign?", literally." Adam Berk, Co-founder




You know tons. Make and share guides with ease.

Sign up for an invite! (Integration expected to be live by Sep 30th)

"From my perspective as an iPhone developer, Aviary's SDK was super easy to implement in our app. I just dropped it in and the integration was seamless." -Ben E., iOS Developer 


Interested in adding our Mobile SDK into your app?

Visit developers.aviary.com/mobile to instantly inject photo FUNctionality straight into your app's workflow.


AuthorNam Nguyen